Wednesday, July 11, 2007

30th May

I know it has been long and like stated earlier-Yes I have been too lazy and preoccupied to punch into my blog. I even broke the promise to myself that I will be regular but what the heck. Here I am again and I begin off with a little 'long' ago memory of my birthday. Oh yes 30th May was my birthday. "How old" did you ask. Well, I have walked 26years on this earth. (25 to be more precise considering that one year I was cradled in arms). Oh yes, there were celebrations and thanks to Orkut, there were wishes from all quarters. Birthdays allow one to feel ery special and I guess mine was no exception. Be at home or at office all stood by my side, sang for me and also polished cake on my face. (Some pics below will certify that). I always get a little philo about birthdays and celebrations but being human I enjoy it tremendously. The evening was with Simmi and it could only get better. Now, when I come to think of it everyone who made me feel special shared the emotion that "Yes Binodan we care and we want a party", Cheeky, yes, and yes many parties are due but like I always say... Parties happen always and so it will for all the well wishers!!!!

A highlight of the Orkut wishes was a thank you note that I very egotistically take pride of of showcasing hoping that the poetic skills are appreciated. I have laced it along with this post and reiterate my thanks to all!


So that was my day,Some butts and many hugs to say.

Thank you Simmi for being the first to begin my day

Abhishek the beers are for you still there

Purbasha, my lovely sis you indeed scrapped before anyone dares

And from Dubai, Abhi you also made me special all the way

Leena thank you in the proverbial way

So also to Riaz in the Australian bayMadhushruti

Ofcourse the party is due

Pallavi friends like you are few

Ratnadip you are indeed of the langotiya yaars and years (pun intended)

Rahul Mathur- of the best NIILM dosts and yaars

Roshni- a double whammy my sis, message and scrap and the 10p call

Arushi, Meha might have missed it but not you-the real friend of them all

Priyanku-missed the 26 pegs but loved your skull

Sudarshana from JNU-you make the wishes and chat more fun

Pratik wished me the bottles of beers,to you I say I say cheers!

Anmol I am fine and loved your thoughts dearLata- For your feelings-Thanks you

Bubbly ba wished me from Bangalore, with a "dog named Boo" [;)]

Sharmee-My black velvet lady-Special wishes 4rm u

Barnalee bou, will celebrate with you all tonight, Apu you can also be a part of the Assamese cuisines delight!

Kartik-Your guitar and smile rocks my scrap book

Akshat-your wishes aerodynamic made my day fly off all hooks

Nadeem You remembered, a long wish-

Thank youMerlvin my mate . my sherrif and 'the voice'-

Your energies were with me day and night

Isha- a lovely message a lovely scrap and ofcourse my digital designs dear

Jasmine- A wish from you and tweety was more than just mere

Allan- Big wishes from the big man, you are a sonuvagun

Gunjit-main kaha ji thank you ha jee,

Kameene mera B'day mein last wish kiya ha jee

Pooja- legal wish from the legal eagle

Mitasha-grace defined, Patiala Peg thanks the Red wine

And lastly Bijal you are not late

Your wishes were always in my plate

Swati a day late but your wishes count a lot, mate!

So thats it, I think I have not given anyone a miss

And so I thank you all and promise you that I treasure you all!!"


Tanya said...

Datz sooo shweeet to actualy remembr al your folks... simply touching!!

Anonymous said...

You used fluorescent blue font on a beige backdrop.. not happening..