Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rantings of a Sunday Morning

I woke up early. Not that I did want to laze a little longer on the bed, but the 'innocuous' door bell rung twice incessantly. We have one of those loud 'self service restaurant' kinds and each ring is loud enough to remind you that somebody totally unwanted will be at the door on a Sunday morning. My hunch was right as I opened the door and some gardener was in the gate wanting to know if we needed any new saplings for the tubs. "Saplings," I thought to myself even after I refused with a feverish shake of my head. For God's sake, we only have three tubs and rest that lie unattended are reminiscences of our landlord's wife who loves plants.
We have recently shifted to this new flat. It's a regular three bedroom flat but definitely with good interiors. The floors are tiled, walls painted and cupboards in good shape. We did not have to think twice before we agreed to take this 1400 square feet space for rent. In Delhi, with scorching long summers, a ground floor is a boon and this only facilitated our decision. So here I am on an early Sunday morning surveying our new home and refusing a gardener who still stands on the gate and assures me that we certainly need to spruce up our greenery. He points to our neighbour residing opposite and tells me that it was he who has made their garden. I look at the garden and see it more as a dense forest that has been shaped. I shudder to think that our home will be the same and I finally vocally express my dissent to the fellow. He leaves with a promise to come next Sunday again. I sigh!
Closing the door I contemplated sleeping but gave in to my body who for once refused to lie down on the bed. It's an irony that on a Sunday I am all active and ready to run a mile while the very next day -Monday, my body feels like an un-oiled machine, refusing to budge from the cosy comfort of the bed. I made myself a cup of tea and as I sipped the liquor I began flipping through the newspaper. This, my friends, is how I began my Sunday and will fill in more of what happened as the day progressed when it progresses. Right now after my tea and a movie-"XXX' (The Vin Diesel flick, before you all think I am a perv) on Star Movies I began flirting with my blog-space again. No apologies, for a completely mundane entry but that's how a Sunday is and if I oil my imagination a little bit, I would rather key in the short story that I have in my mind right now. "Yawn," that will take some time. I wish to flirt with some music now! Have a good Sunday! (that is for myself too)

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Anonymous said...

Writing for the blog is when you break the monotony of a lazy apology needed for you did justice to it :)