Saturday, May 26, 2007

Why Unapologetic?

A little intoxicated and a little morose- a perfect moment to punch my thoughts into this space that I have created sometime back but never got the opportunity to express myself. While the world is wrapping themselves into technology and 'penning' their thoughts and expressions through the keyboard I still am (somehow) loyal and a fan of good old pen and paper. A reason perhaps why I have not been able to key in more than my profile entry here. I had begun ambitiously with an earlier blog but the infrequent visits and my truant memory got better of my creativity- I forgot the goddamned password and am reduced to only reading the two entries, which I had assumed would be an ideal beginning to my literary 'masterpiece'. Oh yes, like some hundred thousand aspirants I too would love to write a book and ambitiously have laid down many plots and murdered many too, but perhaps drawing a parallel to O'Henry's "The Last Leaf", I still have a blank canvas (or rather a screen) infront of me.
It's not often that I feel the impulse to write. It is a sudden sensation. Often it goes through a catharsis because I end up thinking about the frills associated with the creative thought and thus the expresion dies. However, when I begin to punch in without wondering much where my thought is driving me to I often do end up 'composing' something. My poetries are often materailised out of such moments. At the end of it, to be honest all said and done, I am unapologetic about my guilt of failing to write something that will make me happy. But I know I will and perhaps this entry will mark the beginning!

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