Sunday, July 25, 2010


I broke down today
Over the thread of joy that lay barren
On my war struck heart's ground
Tears dried up inside
There were so many things to hide
Some mountains built of mole hills
Some rivers of rain drops
Some flowers strewn in between rides
to nowhere but the path inside
All along I knew - 'This is just a dream'
So was She
many years ago
When she walked away from my arms to another
And life had never been the same
Till I found my thread of joy
Over one drunk state of life
I hollered
The unsaid was heard
That was it
The dream began
And amongst all the nothingness
Little did I know
I had grown young
and the hardened heart tender
but it was not to be
Every dream wakes to reality
I woke up a
morning with the essence of the thread of joy
Breaking to pieces
And I collect the shards of memories
Not weaker
but stronger
Because I have a promise to keep
To be where I have been left
with the same smile
the same spirit
the same heart
Never ageing in the day or dark!

The first draft came from the heart... I will not say anything more. I have no punctuations left...


Anonymous said...

You exude tremendous strength. It empowers others to believe and trust. Never break down. Your heart is as pure as the rays of the morning sun and as beautiful as the starry night.

Misunderstandings are only obstacles to realization of a greater love...isn't it? :)

Gazal Bharadwaj said...

We break to build ourselves again....

UnApologetic Confessions said...

@Gazal - I did.. I did!!! Thanks.. :)