Monday, July 12, 2010

An Absent Presence!

In a moment fraught with your lingering presence

I miss the absence

Time would never be the same

But, yet it moves,

Dragging the moments,

With the pace,

I cannot keep up with.

So I wait under your shadow,

Waiting for everything to stand still.

Watch time pass by,

Waiting for the unheard emotion of the heart,

To pronounce the unpronounced,

To see the unseen!

All for a moment fraught with your presence,

Where I can feel the absence,

Of everything else but you!


Anonymous said...

The day seems bright and the night stands all alone,
presence, absence is only a thought,
that torments the heart, distresses the soul,
relieves the pain, buries the woes.
Troubles will evaporate with presence, absence will bring hope
of togetherness yet again.

Anonymous said...

Presence, now absent.