Friday, May 8, 2009


You and I
have a silence that
speaks of us.
A silence that measures
our thoughts,
our memories,
in a single moment of a lull.

You and I
have a silence that is
sometimes loud,
sometimes silent,
sometimes not at all.
Like a secret
known to you and me,
whispered to our ears
by our eyes.

You and I
have a silence that
undresses the noise between us,
bares our naked soul,
like the way it always was.

You and I
live this silence,
long after the phone line is cut.
A Silence that speaks
Of all that remains
You in me
and I in you.


Anonymous said...

how true!
d way u understand everythin.. without an utterance.. reiterate d "silence" thing further..

Sakhi said...

This was so pretty. I loved the way you wrote on this theme, and I loved the theme itself. We say the most when we say nothing at all. :)

UnApologetic Confessions said...

@Sakhi - Thanks.. Indeed we do!