Saturday, December 27, 2008

Midnight Verse!!!

Amidst a cloud of smoke,
The butt end of memories
Choke in my throat.
Coughs cease, my eyes gasp,
and the lungs need air.
I rush out (like always),
Leave the smoke behind
Carry the choke,
Adam's apple,
Eve's love.
The cycle is vicious.

As the moon sets,
and dim stars spangle the sky
I light yet another.
Inhale the smoke,
A half intermittent cough,
The butt of memories still remain,
Nay, " Its Life, I tell myself"



nice one...3 and a half stars for u for this poem....

do visit mine too..full of poems...

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SIMMI said...

Indeed , life is like a smoke, u cannot hold it too long but yet would like to inhale all the time u light another one.
as the high is what!addicts you all the time and gives berth to craving of having more.....
very simply you described the charm of life..... really very meaningful verse.

UnApologetic Confessions said...

Ninad - Apologies for the delayed response. L live the corporate dog's life you see. Many thanks for your comments. And I am routing to your blog and checking out your verses...

Simmi - You know me better than my verse... Thanks for visiting!!!