Monday, January 28, 2008

"Autorickshaw Diaries"

It is a little scary for me to pubish my thoughts, now that I have not been able to fulfill many of them. It's been like ages since when I last expressed in this space without having the paucity of time or patience. Excuses, however do not sate the hunger to express and of late Simmi has been all ears to my thoughts. But sincerely wish I could take a holiday and punch the feelings into words for all to read. Sigh!

Well to begin with there is something I have termed as "Autorickshaw Diaries" which occupies my mind most of the time (ofcourse that is when it is not occupied with the myriad other confusion and confabulations that determine my life presently). A.D. would be my attempt to describe the urban jungle as I have seen and felt it in these 11 years of stay in Delhi. Valiant try- Yes indeed and will need time for me to complete. Watch out for this space it will be coming soon!!!

Oh yes!!! Check out the video bar on the right hand side of my blog. (You'll need to scroll down a lil,, yes!!) Youtube is cool!!!



Meghna said...

Hi Unapologetic,
I enjoyed reading your blog very much. I especially liked your talent in poetry and your writing skills! Must are amazing! Love to read more post...keep writing....

Keep smiling :D

Anonymous said...

When words fail to express, it's always wise to speak out loud. It's not imperative that only a reader would understand. One silent listener too is worth a big audience.

(Comment for the first paragraph)