Saturday, August 25, 2007


I have been putting on weight. It has been close to two years that I have realised this, but yes I have been gaining some grams every month in this period. It was/is not alarming as yet but yes it has begun weighing on me physically and mentally.

I weigh some 89 kg, which according to some (very unreliable!!!) medical sources in the net, is close to a 25 kg overweight problem, vis-a-vis my height. (which again is on the average side at 5' 7") I avoid being bogged down by any information on obesity or for that matter even with the 2 pair of favourite jeans that apparently refuse to rise above my thighs. (yet I have preserved them with a vain hope that I will fit into them someday. Sigh!) With a 36" waistline I do not exactly look very athletic, though in my virtual profiles I choose the latter description without batting an eyelid. I even carefully chose a photograph which makes me look slimmer for the profile.

Every morning I wish (and also believe) that I wake up a little slimmer but sadist around home and office are quick to puncture my reverie. I even had stuck cutouts of Yoga exercises on my cupboard thinking that a few breathing exercises will slim me down. I have realised that I also need to practise them and not just stare at the postures for the desired effects!!!

Simmi is very unabashed abut my efforts. If you ask her of any distant possibility of me slimming down, you will be met with a hysterical laughter. She also has gifted me a white T-Shirt- body hugging which naturally makes me look sillier than I usually am. (Thanks to my chest which stands out like-you know what...) She expects me to wear it and expects that I will slim down caring for her sentiments with the gift. My sentiments are perfectly present with the gift but the effort associated with them seem to be uncalled for.

At office Vipin tells me that I remind him of Lord Ganesha. (very funny Vipin!!!) Ravneet and her gang keep enquiring when will I deliver and if it would be a boy or a girl. (Sheesh!!!)

But friends, all said and done I have realised that indeed I need to slim after I rummaged through some of my not very long ago pics. Keeping these in mind I solemnly promise myself to begin a disciplined work out... from tomorrow (now I have been saying this from sometime).

No I will, I promise... In a months time I will put up an entry and tell you of the kilos I have/will shed!!!

70 kg here I come!!!!


priyanka said...

So by Sep25, 07...we will get to see a new Binodan avtaar.all d best Bambo!U will do it;) haha

priyanka said...

Chat De Bambo!

Anonymous said...

and you sure did a mighty good job!!